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D.I.Y: Studded Out For Cheap

My Shirt With A Few Studs Added

I forgot to write a post about my adventure in Studding! Here it is!


I bought two bags of Silver (100 pieces) and gold (100 pieces) from Amazon.com and spent no more than 14 bucks! They go on easily, no tools required. Make sure you apply them to fabric that’s soft and easy to puncture. Leather will give you a bit of a challenge.

It was a simple and fun project, I studded two shirts and i’m thinking of studding my military green jacket when I get home. Read my post HERE about all the different things you can stud.


2 thoughts on “D.I.Y: Studded Out For Cheap

  1. Hi! I'm really loving this DIY project. I have a Chambray Shirt that my husband gave me. I don't really like it be cause it's a men's shirt, and short sleeves. But I'm thinking if I add some studs and cut the sleeves that may be a really shirt when the weather warms up! Thanks for a great post… Now time to find some studs on Amazon!

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