End Of The World, Life

What Will Happen In The Next 48 Hours Since The World Is Going To End

Board up your windows and bring your pets inside people, it’s about to get ugly. Time after time people fall prey to the lies and the hysteria of “The world is ending!” prediction, and in the end all they are left with is nothing but 5,000 boxes of powdered milk and Cheez-its. My theory is, it grants people a day of pure freedom. There are no repercussions when you only have a few more days to live, so why be boring?

1. Jobs Will Be Abandoned

Who wants to monitor stocks while the sun and doom is fast approaching???

2. Robberies Will Commence

Don’t spend your hard earned money, (even though according to you, you wont need it come tomorrow) Take that t.v ! Take those bags of skittles ! Go to your house and enjoy the last season of 30 Rock while you can! I sure would love to spend my last days on earth committing crimes to get things I’ll have no access to in the after life.

3. People Will Migrate To Bunkers/Hideouts

Because every one knows fire loves to play hide and seek.

4. End Of Days Parties

Live it up, take a few shots, kill those livers, do some drugs, you won’t live to feel the damaging effects of your decisions!

6. Confessing Your Secrets

“Baby, we’ve been together all this time, and the world is ending…and before I meet my maker I have to tell you, I have to confess. Just..just sit down and listen, take my hand. So when we first met, I bet my friend I could date you for a cheeseburger and some curly fries, I told him how ugly you were and that, because ugly girls have low self-esteem, they’ll talk to anybody. We got together and you were so nice to me letting me drive your car, and use all your money, and cook for me, I didn’t want to leave you… But I am dating some one else, me and your Pop Pop Carl have been together for a year now and things are getting serious. We were going to run away together to Cabo and empty your bank account but decided to stay, because I just found out I have Aids.”

Stay Inside Folks.


2 thoughts on “What Will Happen In The Next 48 Hours Since The World Is Going To End

  1. I hope this post was meant to be funny because believe me, it was :D. Here in Belgium we had a Doomsday Festival and a gazillion other parties. So yeah, we weren't really serious about it here. And I'm still alive so, yeah no end of the world 😀

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