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Fashion: Maintain Your Style In The Office

Fashion: Maintain Your Style In The Office
Toss out those everyday black slacks, white blouses, and brown purses and add some color to your wardrobe! Here are some items every girl should have in her wardrobe to complete her office style.

1. Cardigans:

A cardigan will complete your look on it’s own, or can be paired with a nice blouse. It will even look awesome with a bold statement necklace. If you are wearing dark colored pants/shirts, throw in a canary yellow cardigan to spice up your outfit!

2. Flats: 
Up and down the hall way completing task, relying messages and getting copies. IN HEELS? no thank you. Every girl should have a comfortable pair of flats in their closet for work. Think flats are too boring? Add some color and throw those bad boys on! Your feet will thank you.
3. Colored Skinny Slacks:
Not to say there is anything wrong wide legged slacks, skinny ones are much more fun! Especially those with a pop of color. They also look also with chunky heels.
4. A Long Skirt
I honestly don’t feel short skirts are appropriate in the workplace, and I mean SHORT SHORT TIGHT SKIRTS. Maybe you can pull them off with tights, if your office allows it. You should keep a few skirts to rotate from wearing slacks every day, let your legs breathe a bit!
5. A Simple Bag:
Leave the sequins, studs and glitter at home. A simple bag will do just fine.
6. Statement Jewelry
I often feel that clothing that’s appropriate for the workplace can often be boring, and you don’t have a lot of options at that. Add some fun jewelry to liven up your attire.

Loose sweater

Max c
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Christian Wijnants green pants

Ballerina shoes
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Mary jane wedge

H M leather handbag
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Pearl cuff bracelet
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