Hair: Eco Styler & Shea Moisture

my hair

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Cream & Eco Styler. I swear by those two things. I’ve tried everything from Pink Lotion to Kinky Curly and it just doesn’t quite work.

The longer my hair gets, the less it absorbs moisture. You would think going natural would gradually get easier once you get a nice system going. Wrong. I actually spend increasingly more time in the bathroom making sure my hair is more curled than poofed. I also sleep on a satin pillow (to retain moisture).

Luckily, Eco Styler and Shea Moisture gets my hair the way I want it. Each and every time. The Shea Moisture keeps its moisture and enhances my curls, while the  Eco Styler defines and locks them.

Any of you ladies in the beginning process of post BC (big chop, not “before christ”), I highly recommend that you invest in these products!



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