Fashion: 3 Ways To Define your Style


Are you a Sneaker girl? A Vintage Girl? An Edgy Girl? I am all three, but nothing is wrong with that! I took me about three years to master my style. I was all over the place, and not in a good way. I wanted to add a little too much to my style, and looking back, it didn’t quiet work out the way I planned. Looking in magazines, Scrolling through blogs, and finding your comfort zones are just a few ways to find your signature style.

1. Step outside your comfort zone, you’ll be surprised how you look after!

I used to always see my grandma in fish net stockings, and I HATED it. Until one day I bought me a pair, and va-va-voom I felt so spunky! Okay maybe “spunky” wasn’t the best word to describe a 23-year-old in fish nets, but you get the picture. Thanks to me letting go of my fear of ugly hooker fish nets, I was able to rock them in a way I saw fit. Now I can’t get enough of them and they are pretty much my signature accessory. ( I added the holes to look extra raunchy 🙂 )



2. If you are not a heel lady, don’t pretend to be a heel lady.

I don’t care where they are from, how much, the height, the brand. A human foot is not created to be propped upon a heel. IT IS NOT COMFORTABLE! Working 9-5 in heels (not wedges or block heels) is not cozy. You are not less of a woman if you don’t wear heels all of the time (I said this mainly for my reassurance). Yeah I have a few heels in my closet, but honestly I feel like they barely go with anything. I’m a flats girl, and im proud of it. It took almost breaking my neck, in a club, in front of tons of people, to realize that just ain’t my thang.


3. Don’t over do it.

Yeah, men like to stare at boobs and ass, that doesn’t mean just cause they like it you have to dress that way! Or maybe you’re the opposite, you have the body so you show some skin. It’s hard for women to be at peace with their “physical” side, without looking thirsty. And that’s a mild way to put it. Either way, don’t over do it. You like to be conservative? Don’t wear a turtleneck, a trench coat and pants 24/7. Throw in some tights or a cardigan over a sleeveless shirt. You like to dress sexy? Go buy a cut out shoulder blouse or a body hugging pencil skirt. Either way, create a good balance so people can admire but not STARE.


It takes time to come into your own style, trial and error ladies! Hopefully more trial than error.



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