Amber Rose, Celebrity Juice

Celeb Juice: Why I Like Amber Rose

Amber Rose, Kid Capri, Vikter Duplaix, And Cast Celebrate Premiere Of Smirnoff's Master Of The Mix In NYC

I used to really think this bald-headed beauty was a lowly slore bag. I was wrong, and for that I am sincerely sorry. I recently spent a whole saturday morning watching Ms. “How yoou durin”s show clips, and I came across one with Amber. Wendy was prying (per the usual) into Amber’s past relationship with Kanye. Amber was quiet as a mouse. She stated that there was no gag order on her and she had the freedom to say anything she wanted about crazy Kanye but she decides not to. Ms. Amber you are a gentleman and a scholar and I now respect you. Not to mention she isn’t a celebrity hopper and that was the first time I ever heard her talking/commenting about her relationship with Kanye, and gggiiirrlll you know I’m all into the blogs.


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