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Music: Beyonce’s New Song, Love It or Hate It?

beyonce-bow-downIf you know me, you don’t even have to ask me that question. I praise Beysus on a daily. for those who don’t know me, well now you know how I feel about the Queen. I wouldn’t consider myself a crazed stan, I don’t cry at night and contemplate suicide if some one talks about her. I just really respect her hustle and love her music. In all honesty, she is the best female PERFORMER. Her and Lady Gaga. This isn’t the first time Beyonce let us know she was running thangs’, don’t forget about how cocky she was on Diva. Either she makes a cookie cutter song and people say she’s a prude, or she makes a bad a$s song and people say she’s doing too much. Either way I think she has a right to brag and tell bishes to bow down. It’s all in good fun.

But enough about how I feel, how do you guys like Beyonce’s new song? Is it too much for her or is it just right? You can check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4VSG1uullY


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