Celebrity Juice

The Gossip Game


I REALLY wanted to like this show. I wanted to be able to snuggle under the covers with a smile and laugh at the good times me and this show will have. I wanted this show to be great. All these women have had minor to major roles as radio personalities/journalists/editors in the hip-hop industry, which is something to be proud of. Don’t believe me? WIKI THAT SH*T! Any who, despite how interesting their background in hip hop is, this show has not a single captivating bone in it’s body. Without the dragging drama between Ms. Drama (a.k.a pitbull) and Viv, all thats left is the non climatic rivalry between Angela Yee and K.Foxx, and Sharon’s DRY ASS love life.


Can we also touch on the fashion, just a lil bit?


I mean why does Kim have to serve New York granny realness EVERY episode. Why is K.Foxx wearing that wig that looks like it’s always ready to fight? And can we pleaaaseeeeee pass out a plate of UPPER LIPS for most of the cast. Cause I seriously can’t. Other than that, I think they are all beautiful. lol.

The highlights of the show are when Star or Kino has things to say. Other than that, VH1 try again. I’ll still watch it when Steebi, Hoseline, and that little girl with the braces from finding nemo (a.k.a Che Mack) arent on the air.


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