Book Review: Mrs. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children By Ransom Riggs


I mean just look at the cover. SHE IS LEVITATING! This book really had me so scared that I had to make sure the doors were locked and I had to turn the T.V up to a low volume just so I can hear background noise, so I wouldn’t feel unsafe and alone. Yes, yes it is that serious.


I hope you don’t think that girl is playing around, cause she’s not. The pictures in this book are ACTUAL pictures the author found at flea markets and bought from collectors. I think I’ve scared you enough, let’s move on.

So the main character (Jacob), has a strong relationship with his Grandfather (Abe). Abe tells Jacob about how he grew up in an orphanage during World War 2, and the orphange was a safe haven for “Peculiar Children”. He also eventually tells Jacob how “Monsters” are after him. Grandpa Abe must be smokin’ something right? Nope.

Tragedy ensues, Jacob takes a trip, meets these Peculiar Children, and ends up in 1940. Not only is this book a page turner, but it’s a pretty easy read (I think it’s young adult, but i’m not ashamed). It’s like X-men meets Harry Potter. I give it an A+. If you read and it enjoy, be prepared to watch it on the big screen because Twentieth Century Fox just bought the rights to it and Tim Burton will be all up it (directing). If you read it and DON’T like it–please stay away from my blog, we are so not in a good space anymore.


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