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So 2 Chainz Got Robbed…

2 Chainz on a coffee break

2 Chainz on a coffee break

..and this is what happened.

Robber: Aye bruh Say bruh, let me get them 2 chainz up off you.

2 Chainz: 2 chainz but I got me a few on.

Robber: Nigga just give me one then! The fu*k you playin for!? I HAVE A GUN!

2 Chainz: I don’t feel good but my trigger happy!

Robber: Oh so you strapped too my nigga?!

2 Chainz: And I wish a nigga would like a Kitchen Cabinet

Robber: Pull the trigger den, or come up out them chainz!

2 Chainz: I paid a thousand dollars for my sneakers!

Robber: Don’t nobody give a fu*k about them sneakers, I said gimmie dem chainz!

2 Chainz: I don’t give a fuck switch it up nigga live it up!!

Robber: *Shoots 2 chainz and takes his jewlery*

2 Chainz: when i die, bury me inside the jewlery sto!

2 Chainz Dies,next to two b*tches…… Just kidding, he is okay.

Here is a picture of the suspect.



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