I was sitting with a friend and she just so happened to be on her Facebook page, and she brought my attention to a picture that was on her timeline. It was her friend, who had eyebrows like this:

I’m ALL for drawing your eyebrows in, and even I have fallen victim to over highlighting my eyebrows, and by the time I realized it was a terrible, terrible mistake, it was too late. Eyebrows should look as close to natural as you can get them. I have never seen anybody with naturally  OVERLY highlighted eyebrows. Matter of fact, I don’t believe any makeup should circle your eyebrows completely, UNLESS it’s blended to perfection. I know a couple of girls who highlight the top and bottom and it looks perfectly fine, but when it looks like you gave a 4th grader a crayon and said “Do your worst”, maybe you should try again.

I’m not blessed with natural full eyebrows, I have to draw them in with my Browzings by Benefit. I think you have to find a happy medium when drawing on your eyebrows, and know that somebody elses shape may not be the right shape for you. Follow your natural shape and fill in where necessary to create the perfect brow!






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