Hair: HONEST thoughts on Natural Hair

Since it’ll be a year since I did the B.C (Big chop for those who don’t understand naturalista lingo) let me just say that it hasn’t all been fruit loops and dandies. The struggle is REAL y’all, and if there is anyone out there that is thinking about going natural let me break it down for you and tell you what most naturalistas don’t talk about:

what my hair says to me.

what my hair says to me.


I can condition it, use Shea butter, curl cream, and lotion from god himself but as soon as I go to bed and wake up the next morning my hair will be dry again. NO MATTER WHAT. Yes I have tried using a satin pillow but the thing with that is, just like any other pillow, the products from my hair gets soaked up into the satin and it breaks my face out. Plus it was really ugly to look at (the pillow, not my face).

2. The Morning Routine


As previously stated my hair doesn’t hold a drop of moisture, so every morning I have to get up 30 minutes early just to comb out my hair, moisturize it and twist it…just so it can look like this.


Serving baby sideshow bob realness.

I can’t just wake up and bask in my curls, I have to create them. If I woke up and just went to work, my hair would look like this (not even being dramatic)

Me on my way to church.

Me on my way to church.

It’s a lot of work that goes into looking this fabulous every day, and doing my hair takes up majority of it, cause I got dat’ makeup down to a science- YA HERD MEH?! It also sucks when you are running late and you wanna just get up and go but you can’t cause your hair looks like you just walked off of a 1970’s sitcom, and you’re stressed as F.

3. The Waiting Game


THE REWARD AT THE END IS HAVING LONG, HEALTHY BLACK WOMEN HAIR. However, I feel like my hair is growing at a snails pace and there is nothing I can do about it (except exercise eat healthier and drink tons of water but who has time to take care of themselves?! HA!). Not only is it taking for ever, but the longer it gets the more shrinkage I have. I can’t even tell sometimes if it grew or not unless I stretch it out with the power of a Titan. My hair doesn’t liked to be stretched or combed by the way, which makes styling all the more difficult. I originally started this journey in hopes of being able to flip my hair when I’m annoyed, or to flirt with my husband. Unfortunately the wind barely moves my hair. So yeah, the struggle continues.

4. Wasting Money On Useless Products

If you have a certain product that works for you, stick to it! I know some women will say research and go to a natural hair care blog, but I don’t. It’s okay if you just B.C’d and you have nothing for your hair, but every black person doesn’t have the same hair texture. What works for me may not work for you so you don’t need to go out and buy everything every natural girl has. I’ve been using Shae Moisture Curl Enhancing cream for almost a year after trying product after product and each one that I tried didn’t work in the least bit. So stick to what works for YOUR hair instead of trying to be on top of the “Natural hair trends”. (Unless you got paper like that and you wanna blow money just because and you wake up in new Bugatti’s).

5. Missing That Long Brazilian


Sometimes I just want to feel like a sexy siren and slay when I walk into a room. I’ve been so used to putting a weave in my hair when I want to feel grown and sexy that, when I get dressed and put my freakum’ dress on,  on occasion I feel like there is something missing. It takes a while for you to change your perception on what beauty TRULY is after you chop all your hair off and turn your back on what gave you some of your sexist days… YO WEAVE GIRL! Yes I do miss my weaves, but in the end nothing beats feeling comfortable with what god gave you. Wearing a weave is great, I know for sure Solange wears one and she is a natural girl. It’s just like putting on makeup to me, some days you want it some days you don’t. In the end, I still change my hair with products and blow driers to make it look a little better. Everybody tweaks their natural beauty, and wearing a weave is no different.

Being natural is great, I feel like I have really come into my own and with each day I find other ways to accept my natural beauty but it’s not as easy as Instagram & the blogs makes it look. It is a long process, and the longer your hair gets the harder the process becomes. Yet and still, if I had to do it all over again, I would.


4 thoughts on “Hair: HONEST thoughts on Natural Hair

  1. I died laughing reading this post because I can relate to everything except the weave, lol. What’s worse, when I was younger I was called Florida Evans for my unruly afro! Natural hair can definitely be a journey and the biggest takeaway from it I believe is that you definitely learn how to be patient. Soon everything will fall into place and one day you will wake up and your hair will cooperate with you–it is the best feeling ever. You are right, it is so worth it.

  2. Girl! I am hollering!!!!! The natural hair struggle is real. Especially when you’re like me, and fail at having a successful twistout. When I first did my big chop, I looked just like my 19 y/o brother and I HATED IT! I can’t wait until I have have long, big Chaka Khan hair, and serve everyone with my fabulous kinky realness. lol.

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