Movie Review: The Conjuring *mini spoilers!*


I know I was supposed to write this yesterday, but shut up you don’t know my life I have sh*t do. Lets jump on in it though!

This movie had me like this the whole time: tumblr_inline_mqh7hcg2ui1qcodlc

ESPECIALLY due to the fact that I was an Idiot and Googled the movie and found out it was based on a true story. The main characters Ed & Lorraine Warren were based off the lives of the paranormal investigators, with the same names of course. They are the wonderful people that brought us the foundations for movies such as ” The Amityville Horror” &  “The Haunting In Connecticut”. Those movies were based off of their real life experience with evil spirits. Can we say, WTF?!


This isn’t your typical scary movie. Well maybe it is, how should I know I’m not a movie critic. HOWEVER, I will say scared the tears right out of my eyes. It starts off with your normal family moving into this creepy a$s house only white people find amazing, and then this crazy B (that’s hanging behind Ed Warren played by Patrick Wilson in the gif above) starts playing games. She torments the children, tries to get inside the mom and then chaos ensues. It has a kind of slow build up but as soon as the dog died I knew something was up. Animals & Children always know something we don’t. If I had a kid and my kid started staring and talking to an “imaginary friend” it’s time to pack up and leave, we don’t have time for some one to come and “bless the house”. Get the PlayStation & the T.V and let’s bounce!

Things start happening, people start smelling things, clocks start stopping, sheets start taking bodily forms, people are hunched on-top of armoires. It was so much scary that I almost broke my husband’s arm holding on to him so tight. And it’s not that “just because” kind of scary. Everything that happens in this movie was for a reason. There was nothing out of place, like the time that goat from the movie “Drag me to hell” had a demon inside him, seriously though.. that was dumb.


Here are some pictures to jump start your fear:

The real Ed & Lorraine Warren

The real Ed & Lorraine Warren


The haunted Anabelle doll in real life

The doll in the movie

The doll in the movie.


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