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Life: Pole Dancing

I have much more respect for pole dancers/strippers than I ever had. It is not easy supporting the full weight of your body on a pole, or being sexy in those sky high heels without snapping your neck as you crash to the floor.

me in the beginning of the lesson.

me in the beginning of the lesson.

I considered myself a pretty good dancer, I used to take Jazz and tap classes back when I was vibrant young thing… but for some reason I just couldn’t get my sh*t together on that damn pole. I almost sprained a hip bone (Idk if that’s possible but you’re not a doctor so how would you know) trying to do a windmill. I used to always look at strippers/ pole dancers and say “Seriously! that’s all they have to do!” But don’t try it girl. Don’t even try it. It’s so much harder than it looks, and it is actually an art form. To be that sensual and sexy and to easily get your life on a pole while you’re giving life?! Please, it takes more than an 8 count and a big booty.

Me trying to keep it together while dancing to Ciara.

Me trying to keep it together while dancing to Ciara.

First we did just the basic pole dancing intro. I learned how to crawl like a tiger in heat on the floor and do a fireman spin. At that point I started feeling my self and was flipping my Afro (which didn’t move at all tbh). Then we got down and dirty with some booty popping to Ciara. The workout on my legs, abs, thighs and booty was no joke. HAVE YOU TRIED POPPING IT 8 TIMES IN A ROW, BOUNCING UP, BOUNCING DOWN, POPPING IT, GETTING ON YOUR HANDS AND POPPING IT IN THE AIR AGAIN, THEN HITTING A SICK SPIN ON THE POLE?! It’s fantastic. It’s also not trashy because nobody was trying to put it on vine.


Me during the end of class, feelin’ myself.

It was just a bunch of girls trying to get fit in a fun and sexy way. The instructor was very professional, funny and patient. It was actually more of a workout than I would get going to the gym. I still can’t walk the same because my legs are reliving the moments on their own. Very painful. I would def go pole dancing again, I recommend all women try it at least once. Even if your fit, ain’t nothing wrong with giving your self esteem a little BOOST.

Now i’m like.


3 thoughts on “Life: Pole Dancing

  1. (Just in case you were wondering, you will not be taking off any clothes during pole dance
    classes. Pole dancing has evolved from its sleazy striptease reputation to a legitimate
    form of exercise that is gaining in popularity worldwide.
    Plus you may have the added bonus of pleasing your mate in the process of the
    workout if you have an audience.

  2. Coming as a stripper myself I think you’re right. Every woman should try pole dancing at least once to realize a) how hard it is and b) how fun it can be. Great job for trying it!

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