Relationships: Why People Should Mind Their Business



Guy meets girl, guy says “Hey I have a really good female friend that wants to meet you to see if you’re good enough for me”. Girl runs guy over with car then flees the country moving to London to find better men because, what the hell.

I’ve actually had this happen to me. I was dating a guy, and all of a sudden this “Best friend” popped up and insisted on meeting me. So much so, that she was upset and started aiming me (I know old school) about how I am “avoiding” her. Avoiding you!? AVOIDING YOU? I’m sorry I didn’t know you analyzing my personality was something you just had to do. Since when is an outsiders approval apart of building a relationship. It’s hard enough being in a relationship with ONE PERSON and getting that person to appreciate you for who you are, and now I need to skip past this guy and go impress some girl who nobody even asked to be born?


I don’t mind family wanting to see how fabulous I am, but if you ain’t mommy, daddy, sister, brother… MIND YOUR GOD*MN business!!!!


Fellas, if you wanna keep the girl you are talking to, don’t suggest that she meet another girl who is basically emotionally your girlfriend. If this girl already knows you from top to bottom, you have to RUN LIFE DECISIONS BY HER, and she has to be all up in your relationships, why are you looking for some one who you HOPE will be that close to you… Stop. Just stop.

This is literally how you sound.

“Wow Lisa this is going really great, I can see you and I building a future together. By the way, I have this female friend who I’m really close to. I’m closer to her than I’ll ever be with you. She knows me, like REALLY KNOWS ME, and I always confide in her like I want to confide in you. I look to her like I want to look to you, but she wants to meet you to make sure you’re good enough for me. Do I Like her? WHAT? No! Don’t be jealous. She’s just everything to me that I want you to be… wait. Why put in effort trying to get you to be someone I can trust and confide in, when I already have my best female friend Stacy! She wouldn’t like you anyway, and I listen to her advice. Bye Lisa!” That’s what happens.  It’s not comfortable feeling like you have to “impress” the person you’re dating, and their friend.


Seriously, it’s dumb.

Friends, MIND YOUR D*MN BUSINESS!!! If some one says they’re are happy, please don’t make it your duty to play detective and hunt that person down and find out their credit score. LEAVE TWO HAPPY PEOPLE ALONE! Nobody needs your seal of approval! If you care about that person, stay out their business and let things fall where they may. You ain’t nobody to be judging if some one is good enough for some one else, so go to Ikea, go buy a chair, get home and build that sh*t, and HAVE A SEAT!

(On a lighter note, guys if you have a female friend that you consider your “best friend” and you guys are both single and you think her laugh can make angels cry, ask her out don’t be dumb)

I also feel passionately about these situations in reverse. Girls if you’re dating a guy, don’t have other guys checking to see if he is good enough for you. Have more faith in your judgement of character.



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