I Deleted Instagram Because It’s a Magazine, I Don’t Like Magazines.


Wow you guys are still reading my blog I see. I’ve honestly been too busy being a bad b!tch to have time to write anything, (just kidding to any of my family reading this, I don’t use swear words). In all reality, life has been one hot heaping mess of despair with a shot of happiness that has been trickling down my body like a new revelation, so in a nutshell, I have been just living life.

Also, despite what was recently stated in the first sentence of this post, nobody really reads this blog. I thank you. Moving on.

I’m a little tipsy so I’m just going to quit the flirting and get right to it. Instagram is pollution to women who are insecure. Just like magazines. I’m not preaching or trying to come off holier than thou, cause I don’t have holes in my clothes in the first place, and in the second place I know what it’s like living that Instagram life.  You know what it’s like? It’s this:



Every day. All day. Any beautiful moment that the gods want to descend upon you is ignorantly interrupted for a low budget selfie. People are fascinated with sharing themselves with other people, and I absolutely think it’s okay. I honestly think there is nothing wrong with taking selfies. The issue is how some women with low self-esteem, or insecurities see some of these pictures as proof that they aren’t pretty enough or skinny enough or fashionable enough. Speaking personally, when I didn’t entirely love myself, looking through Instagram and seeing all those perfect women (and I’m not talking about Lashonda from the hood with the ombre hair and the hello kitty purse) I’m talking about the seemingly PERFECT girls with thousands of followers and all the best Mac makeup and clothes. I’m not just BSing either, sit next to a girl and listen to the comments she makes when she scrolls through Instagram. Ask a girl why she is doing the 30 day challenge and most likely she will show you the butt of a girl she follows. Ask that girl why she wants her hair like that , it’s because she saw it on Instagram. (Of course ALL women aren’t like this)

Have you ever just scrolled through Instagram, and saw this sh*t:


Makeup Selfies:



Fashion Selfies


2013-09-14-17-55-38 clothes

Body Selfies battle-of-the-booties-kim-kardashian-blac-chyna-workout-fitness-the-jasmine-brand-300x300


I will literally kick you If you are a woman, who is an AVID Instagram user who isn’t compelled to buy more makeup, shop more, or change or add something to/about you because of what you’ve seen on Instagram. It’s literally like looking at a magazine all day. We all have that one friend who sits next to you on Instagram saying “omg I want that lipstick she has on!!!” or “OMG i’m so fat, look at this girls body! I need to hit the gym”. Hitting the gym is perfectly healthy physically, but if the idea sprouts because you have compared yourself to a beautiful woman on your Instagram, that’s not healthy mentally.

My tipsiness is wearing off, so let me just say that I don’t think that Instagram is all bad, I just think it would help women who are already a little insecure to delete it until they feel they don’t need to compare themselves to thousands of insanely fit women, perfectly dressed models and perfect women with clear skin, on their scrollboard, dashfeed, or whatever the F it’s called when you see all the pictures from the people you follow.  So stop comparing, stop scrolling, stop adding and changing and wishing and wanting. Just love yourself.







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