Where Have I Been, You Ask?

Surprisingly enough, people still read this crap. Scrolling through my blog posts of yester year is like looking through old Myspace photos. At the time, that hot topic shirt with Optimus Prime on it, and those Kanye West “stronger” sunglasses looked good, but it was actually a terrible, cringeworthy mistake.

I am now 25, not currently taking any strong drugs, and still pursuing my dream of being Beyonce’s sweat catcher back stage at her concerts. Life is good. I have had this blog for a couple years, and I feel like it is always there for me when I want to discuss things no one else really cares about. So shout out to all my fans, my viewers, my followers, my stalkers.

I enjoy blogging, but I began to detest writing about meaningless things such as Love and Hip Hop, and which celebrities looked good with blonde hair. From now own, I will only write about Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and why Draco Malfoy is the only celebrity to get away with blonde hair.

When, and if, I choose to blog, I will still blog about whatever. But that “whatever” will be a little more worth blogging about. So stay tuned and continue to wait 6-8 months for a random ass blog post. I thank you.


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