Book Review: Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn


I read this book in two days. It’s that good. It’s also very, very, frightening. Not in a horror way , but a “Dang that [insert character here] is crazy!” kind of way. It pulls out your sympathetic side then makes you hate some one so much just after a turn of a page. This book is wicked, disturbing, and shocking to say the least. Every chapter has a jaw dropping cliff hanger at the end of it, which is exactly why I couldn’t put it down. It keeps you wanting more, and also makes you think about your relationship. Without giving too much, I’ll give you guys a brief summary.

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Educational Eutopia

Having an on again off again relationship with books has it’s rewards. One day while I was losing brain cells by staring at a computer screen for hours (not scientifically proven) searching, they suggested books that might interest me even though I was not interested. In walks Room. Emma Donoghue’s Room has taken me to a place I didn’t know I wanted to go. Through the narrative of a Five year old boy named Jack, he let’s us in on his life in a room where his mom has been held captive for 7 years. Do they escape? I don’t ruin endings. Just know that my description gives no explanation for why this is the second best book I’ve read this year.

“I’ll get you my pretty” (Wicked) being the best book I’ve read this year.