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D.I.Y : Embellished Picture Frame

Christmas will soon be here and if you’re like me you despise Christmas shopping. Why not make the gifts your self instead of spending all day on the 23rd of December in Walmart looking for last minute gifts. This embellished picture frame will be a great for a gift for moms, grandmas, or aunts! It is also one of the easiest D.I.Y projects out there, so no excuses!

Items you’ll need:

Embellishments (of your choice). I got a pack from Michael’s which came with sequins, rhinestones, buttons, beans, cloth, fur balls, glitter and beads.

A Photo Frame: I chose white because I was going for a more vintage frame.

And of course glue (I used krazy glue)

Either you can scatter the pieces on randomly, or you can start slowly and systematically put them on. Taking my time and figuring out where the pieces would fit and won’t fit worked best for me. Also, cover the glass (or take it out completely) to prevent glue and glitter from getting on it.

Go crazy or keep it simple, but just have fun!

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Thrifting: Tips For Thrift Shopping

I ALWAYS find great stuff when I’m thrift shopping. I’ve found hats, scarfs, belts, shorts, jackets, sweaters, clutches, leather back packs, all┬áduring my excursions. I have a keen eye and a lot of patience, because that’s what it takes. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy thrift shopping as much as I do!

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Fashion: Holy Fishnets.

My sweet fishnets. These suckers have been holding on for dear life and I shall not give them the freedom they desire. I know I’m not the only girl that likes fishnets with holes in them, I think it adds a little pizazz to my outfit. Especially when I wear them with shorts. Well, I always wear them with shorts…those shorts to be exact.

The hole on my left thigh came from my key chain. The holes on my right, I created them. Any of you ladies keep your old fishnets or do you throw them away? Hey, if I can still wear them I still keep them.

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Fashion: Thrift Store Jackpot

It just so happens that today the thrift store in my city was having a 30%-50% off sale on items that were already really low priced. Just my luck I found some amazing items.





Who needs the mall? Today was my lucky day! I’ll be scrummaging around thrift towns in other cities and I’ll post my findings.


Subscribing Will Save You Money!

Subscribing to recieve newsletters through E-Mail is the best thing you can do right now. Don’t believe me? Go to a random clothing/shopping site and Subscribe. 9 times outta 10 they’ll welcome you with some sort of promotion/discount or send you a coupon within a few days to get you going. So far i’ve signed up for maybe 5 sites in the past few days and coupons are flooding my inbox. There’s enough in there to save me over 100 bucks! Be smart and sign up because once you do you’ll be saving alot of money. Also, you’ll be one of the first people to be informed about new products, discounts, and maybe even events going on!