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Saturday Night Live: Brown Skin Not Enough

I have been watching Saturday night live since Will Ferrell graced us with his top tier cowbell skills:


I have seen cast members come and go, and cried my eyes out when Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler said their farewells. I enjoy the vanilla variety of comedians on the show, and the way they connect with current events and the ever changing trends of pop culture makes me tune in every Saturday (meaning I watch it a few days later on Hulu). But when I watch SNL, and I see the best Good Burger employee ever, Keenan Thompson, doing an impression of Oprah, I wondered when will black women get a chance to shine on SNL. And this season, Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamata got their chance.

YES! Black women that are going to be funny, not racially ambiguous, and dark skinned with natural hair (for the most part). When I saw them on screen I was ecstatic…but then as I watched them perform, my excitement fell flat. Now, I am not a comedian, but I am totally a critic of things I cannot do. They weren’t funny. When I tuned in for the SNL 40th season premiere, and the episodes that followed, their time on screen didn’t make me laugh. Not even a giggle. With Leslie being extremely loud and aggressive during her weekend update skit, and Sasheer’s terrible Rihanna impression, I have been disappointed. 

I don’t know if the writers aren’t creating characters that will highlight the comedienne’s knack for comedy, or if they just aren’t delivering their lines in a way that really gets the audience laughing, but they are the least funniest cast members of this season. (Including Jay Pharoah, impersonations can only get you so far). There are YouTube vloggers funnier than these two. Hopefully, next season, their skits are better or they find some black women that are actually hilarious. I understand the public outcry that was circling around the SNL crew to bring in some females of color, but really, this is what we get? Try again SNL, you’re almost there. (Actually you aren’t, you have about one black person in general on your show each season, and like 3 black women since the show began. Get it together).

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I-g-g-y’s Face (Version 2.0)

“Revamp, Re-do and Recreate! MAGIC” that is what all plastic surgeons say to celebrities in my mind. I wonder why young celebrities get plastic surgery. I think she was a beautiful girl without it. I promised to be a nicer blogger and stop talking mess about celebs, so I’ll just say that she looks very chiseled. Her jaw looks sturdy, she looks like that toy bird back in the day that you could balance on your finger by its beak and it wouldn’t fall. Her face looks very strong. Very firm. There.

tumblr_me5m8hIVWv1rani6a (1)

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White People and “GHETTO” Fashion.

Once again, ghetto style is cool everywhere besides the ghetto. Designer Jean Ratatouille apparently had a grand old idea to name one of his “looks”, in his APC clothing line, after the Jay-z and Kanye West song entitled, “Niggas in Paris”.  He actually changed it a little, adding “Last Niggas in Paris”. (Please note that I did not replace any letters in the word “nigga” with any asterisks because I am black, I do not need permission, or a pass, to say/write the word “nigga”in its entirety.)

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He just always looks like, right before he takes the picture, he was out in 120 degree weather. I feel like I need a Snapple Apple just by looking at him.

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Celeb Juice: All The Times Chief Keef Needed A Glass Of Water

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Celeb Juice: Let’s Just Look at Chris Brown for A Second.

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No, no I’m not judging him. Chris and his Crypt Keeper steeze can keep on moving down the path of Jesus and dance forever for all I care, but you cannot sit up here and tell me that something inside you doesn’t stir when you see that boney face in the car window, it makes me feel some type of way. I have nothing against him, and it could either be drugs or stress. I hope it’s stress.. (although it’s probably coke because why not, he’s a celebrity.) Get your life and metabolism together chris. Much love.

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T.V: Love & Hop Hop Atlanta Episode 209


WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN?! This episode, by far, has been the most entertaining all season. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I actually LIKED Stevie J this episode. Before you throw away all the respect you have for me, allow me to explain.

FIRST! lets address this Kirk and Resheeda situation..

kirk-frost-rasheedaSo not only is he asking his wife to get an abortion, he is asking her to get a blood test to prove that that’s his baby (if she decides to keep it). Is he out his Milk Dud mind?! We all know, that as a husband there are certain words that shouldn’t leave your mouth when your WIFE, not your side piece but your WIFE tells you she is pregnant. Kirk has something going on with him, when he steps into a scene all I see is “GUILTY” written all over his forehead. Business never comes before marriage! Granted she’s not on top of the charts and she’s creeping past her prime so I understand why it’s important to get it while the getting is good–but he must be having an affair and catching some tough feelings for someone else, to even suggest to his wife that she could “go head and X that out”. Lord help this man. Rasheeda, you need to be packing yo sh*t and reconsidering your marriage.


Is it me, or did it seem like Steve J should have walked into that video premiere accompanied by a cloud of smoke. CAUSE HE DID THAT! Nikko, what did you stand up for when Stevie walked in, I mean can a brotha just sit down and snatch your girl in peace? I mean not only did he throw salt on your ticking time bomb (a.k.a your faux Rolex) but he BROUGHT YOUR GIRL a BMW! I visually understand what it’s like for some one to feel so powerless. You couldn’t even walk outside to see the car Nikko! We all know you don’t have a collection in your garage with your roommate so sit still. Stevie J walked in, stole their whole little nite, packed it in his cigar and smoked it out into the breezy night air. Mimi you know you were DEAD wrong for even inviting Stevie in the first place, but you needed to see Stevie J fight for you so you can slip in the back door of his bus. I still think Stevie J is a cheating scoundrel but its evident that he loves Mimi. So sad too bad loves not enough Stevie J . Mimi, that man is not handing you a BMW just because, of course there’s strings attached. You know how that works you said so yourself.

KARLIE REDD is such an idiot for bringing that diss CD to K Michelle as a gift. Props to K Michelle for not snatching her up by her booty pads though.

ERICA looked great when she was on-screen for 2.5 seconds.

It was refreshing not to see Traci this episode, I feel like all she does is cry/whine or complain… and I’m not really here for that

That’s all I care to discuss.