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Life: Pole Dancing

I have much more respect for pole dancers/strippers than I ever had. It is not easy supporting the full weight of your body on a pole, or being sexy in those sky high heels without snapping your neck as you crash to the floor.

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Exercise, Life

Things You Can Do Instead Of Going To The Gym

Gold’s Gym, amongst others, does not care if this month you want to sit out on going to the gym. They will take $39.95 from your account! Here’s some other FREE to LESS EXPENSIVE alternatives to going to the gym, and some of these are gives you a great excuse to go out and enjoy the summer sun.


Running not only helps you lose weight/gain muscles in your legs, it let’s you take in the scenery and enjoy the beautiful parts of your neighborhood. (If you live in a bad neighborhood maybe you should drive to some where that’s peaceful, lol). Oh yeah, it’s FREE!


No seriously, if played on “Sweat” mode, you’ll need a towel and a fan to keep up. The music is exciting and fun, the moves can be easy or difficult and it will keep you sweating! There are other Wii dance games, such as Just Dance that also will keep you on your toes, but this one by FAR is my favorite. Plus you can dance in the comfort of your own home without people looking at you crazy when you miss a step or when your off beat.


Yoga can also be done in your own home, but once you remember the movements you can go where ever you want with it. It’s very relaxing, but requires some strength and stability. You can even find it on Netflix!


This doesn’t have to be done only when you’re wearing your exercise clothes. If your shoes allow it, walk some where instead of taking your car. Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator. Don’t spend 15 minutes trying to find a close parking, instead park a little further out than normal and walk to your destination. You can even call up a friend that lives close and go on a little walk some where together. No need to sweat!