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White People and “GHETTO” Fashion.

Once again, ghetto style is cool everywhere besides the ghetto. Designer Jean Ratatouille apparently had a grand old idea to name one of his “looks”, in his APC clothing line, after the Jay-z and Kanye West song entitled, “Niggas in Paris”.  He actually changed it a little, adding “Last Niggas in Paris”. (Please note that I did not replace any letters in the word “nigga” with any asterisks because I am black, I do not need permission, or a pass, to say/write the word “nigga”in its entirety.)

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Fashion: IDK about this dress..


When I was younger I used to shop at this ghetto mall called “A.C Indoor Mall” and it had THEE worst clothing ever, like Jackie Christie Collection and She by Sheree bad. This dress reminds me of that mall. Those shoes (as cute as they are) aren’t really helping either.

The dress is like “Do I wanna be a mini skirt, or a maxi dress”. As of today, I’m not really here for it and I think It’s tacky. It could just be the print, but no thank you.

On another note, I googled fringe dress and came across this image.


D60640-3It’s like two bread rolls are trying to free themselves. They shouldn’t have did a back shot that’s all I’m saying. No shade. The dress is cute, she has a nice shape, but c’mon. REALLY?! Doesn’t make me want to buy it. PASS.


Fashion: Floral Frenzy

Fashion: Get Ready For Spring!


Rose print dress

All over print shirt
$27 – fashionunion.com

Patterned skirt

A Wear floral print skirt
$19 – awear.com

Floral denim shorts
$29 – runwayroute.com

Floral sunglasses

Tropical Pink Silk Orchid Falling Bouquet
$89 – sarahsflowers.co.uk

Rhodes Acid Washed Frame



Fashion: 3 Ways To Define your Style


Are you a Sneaker girl? A Vintage Girl? An Edgy Girl? I am all three, but nothing is wrong with that! I took me about three years to master my style. I was all over the place, and not in a good way. I wanted to add a little too much to my style, and looking back, it didn’t quiet work out the way I planned. Looking in magazines, Scrolling through blogs, and finding your comfort zones are just a few ways to find your signature style.

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Fashion: Be Bold!

Be Bold!

 Affordable and vibrant items for those pre-spring fashionistas. Are those neon heels killing it, or what?

Quontum one shoulder dress
$39 – newlook.com

H m
$33 – hm.com

Bardot panel shirt
$73 – bardot.com.au

Motel leopard tank
$46 – nelly.com

Skater skirt