….Oh yeah about that new Kanye Album (a little late)

ImageI will always be a fan of Kanye, I think he has every right to be as cocky as he is. He is a talented rapper and a very creative producer, I just think the album title is ridiculous. Not because it’s so close to “Jesus”, but because nobody gives themselves a fan themed nickname. I think it’s hilarious when Beyonce Stans (myself included) refer to her as “Beysus”, but the fact that Kanye coined himself “Yeezus”, thats priceless. Or should I say Priyeezus.Nope, doesn’t work with everything.

I think the album is pretty good, still not better than his first or his second, but I think Black Skinhead is an amazing song, Blood On The Leaves is brilliant (I could do without all the auto tune though) , and New Slaves nails consumerism. I don’t work for rolling stone, so that’s all you’re getting from me about this album. Good day to you sir.

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So 2 Chainz Got Robbed…

2 Chainz on a coffee break

2 Chainz on a coffee break

..and this is what happened.

Robber: Aye bruh Say bruh, let me get them 2 chainz up off you.

2 Chainz: 2 chainz but I got me a few on.

Robber: Nigga just give me one then! The fu*k you playin for!? I HAVE A GUN!

2 Chainz: I don’t feel good but my trigger happy!

Robber: Oh so you strapped too my nigga?!

2 Chainz: And I wish a nigga would like a Kitchen Cabinet

Robber: Pull the trigger den, or come up out them chainz!

2 Chainz: I paid a thousand dollars for my sneakers!

Robber: Don’t nobody give a fu*k about them sneakers, I said gimmie dem chainz!

2 Chainz: I don’t give a fuck switch it up nigga live it up!!

Robber: *Shoots 2 chainz and takes his jewlery*

2 Chainz: when i die, bury me inside the jewlery sto!

2 Chainz Dies,next to two b*tches…… Just kidding, he is okay.

Here is a picture of the suspect.


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Music: Beyonce’s New Song, Love It or Hate It?

beyonce-bow-downIf you know me, you don’t even have to ask me that question. I praise Beysus on a daily. for those who don’t know me, well now you know how I feel about the Queen. I wouldn’t consider myself a crazed stan, I don’t cry at night and contemplate suicide if some one talks about her. I just really respect her hustle and love her music. In all honesty, she is the best female PERFORMER. Her and Lady Gaga. This isn’t the first time Beyonce let us know she was running thangs’, don’t forget about how cocky she was on Diva. Either she makes a cookie cutter song and people say she’s a prude, or she makes a bad a$s song and people say she’s doing too much. Either way I think she has a right to brag and tell bishes to bow down. It’s all in good fun.

But enough about how I feel, how do you guys like Beyonce’s new song? Is it too much for her or is it just right? You can check it out at

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JoJo’s Favorite Songs of 2012

2012 was the year for stripper anthems. There was enough booty poppin’ music to last a lifetime. Not to say that that’s a bad thing, because we are all strippers in the comfort of our own homes. Other than those, there were also some amazing & ultra catchy songs that came out in 2012, so here is a list of my favorites.

Maroon 5 never disappoints. Since “Songs About Jane”, I’ve been a fan. “One More Night” may be one of the funnest songs to sing along to, and the most relatable for some. You can’t stay away from that crazy chick you love/hate so much? Maroon 5 understands. It has a semi-reggae sound to it and Adam Levine’s voice makes it a hit. What would they do without him? (I didn’t know there was a black guy in the group lol)

Even though this song explains how peer pressure and drinking go hand in hand, I must admit, I’ve gotten drunk listening to this song. The best part? blah blah “DRANK” blah blah “DRANK”.

Miguel single handedly brought back my faith in male singers. You can question his clothing selection all you want, but he has the voice of an interracial angel. Plus, his album is my favorite album of the year. (Yup, even over Queen B & Frank Ocean). Adorn speaks so highly of his love for his woman that it make you respect him even more.

Every single verse is hot. Lyrically all of them came strong on this song. Even though I don’t understand what the man is saying, I think I’ve got a pretty good alternative.. “IS IT I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND I SCRATCHA MY FEET, IINNIE INNIEE INIIEEE”, That’s close enough!

BEST SONG TO SING ALONG TO. I barely know the words, but shouting is always great for situations like that. Not only is the lead singer’s voice one in a million, but he sounds amazing live.

This songs makes me want to take acid and dance at a rave with my husband with body paint all over me. Love it.

This is just an all around good time song. I especially like the fact that the bald head one (Max) called Lindsay Lohan a groupie.

I love stripper songs. It encourages me to be a better dancer.

Does any body remember that reality show 36 Mafia had on MTV? They were so weird, but maybe that’s what it takes to make the coolest verse ever. “YOU SAY NO TO RATCHET *bleep* JUICY J CANT!” favorite line.

Honorable Mentions

*Clique- Kanye west, Jay Z, Big Sean

*Lotus Flower Bomb- Miguel & Wale

*Die Young- Ke$ha

* I Will Wait- Mumford & Sons

*Somebody That I Used To Know- Gotye

*Call Your Girlfriend- Robyn

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Celebrity Juice: Azealia Banks Keeps Talkin Mess

She’s seriously needs to get out of her rapping diapers before she can talk trash about Lil Kim. She has a whole lot to say. I like her but c’mon you aren’t THAT hot.


Right, but not every 21-year-old newbie has the balls to publicly mouth off at T.I. Were you raised to be this fearless?
My mother was always like, “Anybody say something you don’t like, punch them in the mouth. Do it!” [Laughs] If I had a fight, when she came home I would get another ass whupping just for being a little bird. And she’d be like, “Why you letting these people bring you down?” I was a really fresh little girl, always arguing back, trying lipstick on, trying to shake my ass—knowing in the back of my head I’m gonna get fucked up [by my mother]. But fuck it, I wanna get fucked up.
Do you think your American buzz so far has been built more off controversy than music?
Of course, because Americans are distracted by shit like that. It’s like, “Listen, T.I., if I was a fucking boy you wouldn’t say anything to me.” But when I’m a girl and I say something back, the media wants to turn it into all these different things. Rappers beef all the time. I said what I said about [Iggy Azalea] and kept it moving. Then a month later you said what you said. And it keeps coming up. Leave it alone. I didn’t say she couldn’t rap. I said something very real. Out of everything, she had to [call herself] “a runaway slave master”? C’mon, that’s not swag. That’s not fly shit.
And that’s all it was. For T.I. to drag me through the dirt… It’s silly. In Europe they leave it alone and keep playing my songs on the radio and I keep getting booked for fashion shows because they’re about the art. All I’m doing is making myself look bad by getting engaged with y’all because no one in Europe gives a fuck about y’all. All I’m doing is giving y’all niggas exposure. So if you notice I’ve backed up off Twitter the past days [laughs].
Speaking of that wonderful social network, that’s the main thing you’re slammed for—calling out other artists on there.
Exactly. And that’s the only thing niggas could hold against me, because I’m hot. So you know what? I’ma back off and about random shit and make these records. I’m trying to just reach out, do a little record…
Which brings us to Lil’ Kim. Why address her publicly instead of sending a private message or e-mail?
That’s what we did, and that shit is over. Yo, listen, [Lil’ Kim], this black cloud you got over you—don’t try to push that over me. You can keep that, because as soon as I released “Jumanji” is as soon everybody forgot about you. I have my hand on the dial; I can control how hot and cold you are right now. So I’m not even going to give it to you. I tried to make a legitimate track with you, tried to collaborate. I was bigging her up and she keeps throwing it back in my face. I tried.
Do you regret getting into these Twitter clashes?
Of course, because it’s e-thugging… Who wants to look like that? But how else am I gonna reach y’all? I don’t have a T.I. to get on a radio show and defend me; I’m the one behind me. Y’all expect me to agree like, “Oh yea, I’m wack. I only have one song.” That’s one song y’all niggas don’t fucking have. You might win some, but you just lost one.

AND OF COURSE Kanye West thinks she’s effin awesome.

Kanye certainly doesn’t think you’re wack. Tell me about the time you guys first met in London last year.He hit me up like, “You’re mad talented. What do you eat for breakfast?” The whole conversation was pretty dense—two Geminis in one room. So it was so many ideas flying.