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Skin Care: A Journey Through Acne Land



Before beauty school I had great skin. During beauty school I was stressed, drinking 3 cups of coffee a day, not sleeping & my whole life was reflected on my face. When you are stressed your body releases hormones which can increase the amount & type of oil that is produced in your pores (a.k.a follicles) and it can clog them, prohibiting oxygen to enter and kill/ stabilize existing bacteria.

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Beauty: Make-Up Disasters!!

Oooh the horror!! These Celebrities make so much money and apparently spend so little time looking in the mirror. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say If I had the money they have, I will ALWAYS be on point-even on my off days! Check out this list of Celebrities that lost the battle against their cosmetics!

DEM BROWZ! If you thought there would never be a bad picture of Angelina Jolie…well… you’re wrong.

Maybe Taylor Momsen is trying to channel her inner Raccoon, in that case YOU BETTER WERK!

I don’t know what’s worse.  Tyra Bank’s failure of a lace front or the over extended eye shadow. No

I know I know, I pick on Lil Kim a lot. But she gives me so much nastiness It’s hard to pass her by. From the greasy make up to the plastic surgery and all the way up to the lace front. Take your pick on which needs the most help.

REPEAT OFFENDER! Tyra, you’re not on the runway, chill.

Taraji P. Henson. She usually has it together. Her conspicuous concealer is killing me.

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Beauty: Whats in your cosmetics?

I never wondered what was actually in my cosmetics until I began reading “Drop Dead Gorgeous” by Kim Erickson. Although this book is very informative it’s important to do your own research regarding the ingredients in your make up. I recently did a video discussing one of the ingredients in cosmetics-Propylene Glycol (that I found in my hair conditioner) -and discovered that it is actually an ingredient in antifreeze. In the book it states that it’s also very toxic and causes problems to the liver and kidneys. Nonetheless, there are various arguments on either side of the fence.

An article here states that its bad:

An article here states that it’s used in such small amounts that it’s not harmful :

All I’m saying is, it is better to be safe than sorry. For your information, here are some other “harmful” ingredients that can be found in your cosmetics.

Click HERE  for the list.

I Will be posting homemade cosmetic recipes that will be all natural. Also, I will be doing reviews on products with the LEAST synthetic chemicals so stay posted!

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Beauty: Don’t Waste Money On Brands

But it looks so pretty.. I know. Mac is one of those brands where you can pretty much get the same quality lip gloss much cheaper, but you just want to be seen pulling it out of your purse. I get it. But I’m here to testify that my Revlon lip gloss (which I’ve already reviewed HERE) is much more long lasting and less sticky than Mac. I pick on Mac a lot and that’s because it’s a lot more popular than the other brands. Plus their make-up stylists scare me. I saw a very detailed review about drug store brands VS. expensive brands and the results pretty much say you can get more bang for your buck buying the cheaper products, with a FEW exceptions.

Read it HERE.