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T.V: Love & Hop Hop Atlanta Episode 209


WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN?! This episode, by far, has been the most entertaining all season. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I actually LIKED Stevie J this episode. Before you throw away all the respect you have for me, allow me to explain.

FIRST! lets address this Kirk and Resheeda situation..

kirk-frost-rasheedaSo not only is he asking his wife to get an abortion, he is asking her to get a blood test to prove that that’s his baby (if she decides to keep it). Is he out his Milk Dud mind?! We all know, that as a husband there are certain words that shouldn’t leave your mouth when your WIFE, not your side piece but your WIFE tells you she is pregnant. Kirk has something going on with him, when he steps into a scene all I see is “GUILTY” written all over his forehead. Business never comes before marriage! Granted she’s not on top of the charts and she’s creeping past her prime so I understand why it’s important to get it while the getting is good–but he must be having an affair and catching some tough feelings for someone else, to even suggest to his wife that she could “go head and X that out”. Lord help this man. Rasheeda, you need to be packing yo sh*t and reconsidering your marriage.


Is it me, or did it seem like Steve J should have walked into that video premiere accompanied by a cloud of smoke. CAUSE HE DID THAT! Nikko, what did you stand up for when Stevie walked in, I mean can a brotha just sit down and snatch your girl in peace? I mean not only did he throw salt on your ticking time bomb (a.k.a your faux Rolex) but he BROUGHT YOUR GIRL a BMW! I visually understand what it’s like for some one to feel so powerless. You couldn’t even walk outside to see the car Nikko! We all know you don’t have a collection in your garage with your roommate so sit still. Stevie J walked in, stole their whole little nite, packed it in his cigar and smoked it out into the breezy night air. Mimi you know you were DEAD wrong for even inviting Stevie in the first place, but you needed to see Stevie J fight for you so you can slip in the back door of his bus. I still think Stevie J is a cheating scoundrel but its evident that he loves Mimi. So sad too bad loves not enough Stevie J . Mimi, that man is not handing you a BMW just because, of course there’s strings attached. You know how that works you said so yourself.

KARLIE REDD is such an idiot for bringing that diss CD to K Michelle as a gift. Props to K Michelle for not snatching her up by her booty pads though.

ERICA looked great when she was on-screen for 2.5 seconds.

It was refreshing not to see Traci this episode, I feel like all she does is cry/whine or complain… and I’m not really here for that

That’s all I care to discuss.

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T.V: 7 Ways Deception Is A Rip Off Of Revenge

This show (Well, the trailer) really upsets me. Do the producers legally have the right to rip off another T.V show, and add a FEW changes to make it seem like it’s original? I wouldn’t consider this a review, because I refuse to watch this show, this is more of a “HOW DARE YOU RIP OFF MY FAVORITE SHOW” post.

I am shocked and disgusted.

1. The Rich & Evil Family That’s Hiding Something While Living In a Huge Mansion

Deception: The Bowers Family

Revenge: The Graysons

2. Murder Victim That Didn’t Deserve To Die

Deception: Vivian Bowers

Revenge: David Clark

3. Star Of The Show Trying To Solve/Seek Revenge of Un-Deserving Murder Victim(who was also super close to the murder victim at a younger age, as seen in flashbacks, and is also undercover)

Deception: Joanna Locasto

Revenge: Amanda Clark

4. Sinister Mom Of Wealthy Family

Deception: Sophia Bowers

Revenge: Victoria Grayson

5. Partner In Crime Who Knows What’s Going On And Knows You’re Undercover

Deception: Will Moreno

Revenge: Nolan Ross

6. Guy From Wealthy Family Who Likes Star of The Show

Deception: Julian Bowers

Revenge: Daniel Grayson

7. Star Of The Show Actually Spending Time With Evil Family/ Attending Dinners, Etc.

Deception: Joanna Locasto

Revenge: Victoria Grayson

This show should get the award for “Most Boldly Unoriginal” at the Emmy’s. I say we all get together and protest it. This is bullsh*t.

Deception, take notes.


T.V: American Horror Story Asylum Mid Season Review


*Yes, there will be spoilers.

Um Sister Jude, If I would want anybody to administer electric shock on me for being bat sh*t insane, it would be you. Even though you are scarier than the devil (who is actually on the show) I love when you scene steal. Dr. Arden better watch his back!

I actually didn’t watch the last two episodes of American Horror Story season 1, but that is what Wikipedia is for. I read the entire plot. This season’s theme is “sanity” and clearly every one in the asylum is some type of crazy (including the staff, especially the staff), except Kit who was actually abducted by aliens.

I love how every one’s dirt has come to the light in some way, Bloodyface is Dr. Oliver Thredson, Sister Jude was drunk driving and ran over a young nerd girl with glasses, Dr. Arden’s disastrous creation ended up at a public hospital. Man what’s next?! I’ll tell you what’s next, everyone DIES like the first season.

What I seriously am confused by, is how and when this season will connect with the first season. Almost all the characters are back, so what’s the link? However it links up I honestly don’t care because even if next season ended up on a desert 245 million years ago with dinosaurs I’d still watch it because it is just THAT good.

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Celebrity Juice: BET awards.

I never watch the BET awards so this post is all about the clothes. Sorry if you’re lookin for a recap, you better find some one with a DVR! (plus I’m sure they’ll be 99 reruns on bet).

I think Estelle looks good.. I’m just tired of women with the “I’m styled by June Ambrose” look.

Christina’s outfit is soooooo early 2000’s. Everything just screams NO.

YES Chaka you better WERK! Her hair is beautiful, her dress is wonderful…but i’m going to have to say no to the shoes.

All hail the King and Queen!! They ALWAYS look good together and the queen is glowing!

Chris Brown looks like a Dry/Chapped zombie. And what’s with people wearing sun glasses inside?

I really hate the long mullet hair style she’s got going on, but Kim sure does know how to work a dress!

It must have been hot as hell because these guys look drenched… But very dapper.

Big Sean is so boney. It’s either his shirt is off or he has a wife beater on. What are you trying to show??

Miguel C’mon… you make it hard for me to like you. Your music is so good you don’t need to dress like a red fruit roll up. And is your hair pressed and curled at the top? I just can’t with you right now.

**Photos Courtesy of Bet.com

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T.V: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Gets A F+

When I watch little clips of this show I get this really weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s like pity, anger and a dash of “are you fu*kin kidding me” mixed in with a cup full of questions. Such as; Is Joseline really a man? Did he really sit in between his girlfriend and his side piece? Is K. Michelle ever going to have a hit record? Who let Momma Dee pimp them back in the day?

Maybe because the cheating is so desperate and obvious. Or maybe it’s because Momma Dee is so rough and she used to sell dope AND pimp. Or maybe it’s the instant drama thats poppin off on twitter ALREADY. Those are all the reasons why I find this show to be a little too much. Usually I like an extra dose of trash talking and a jump off trying to earn her spot, but this show is all too much for me to handle.

That’s just straight stank.

Mimi, Stevie J’s…whatever,  makes me want to figure out her email and send her a heartfelt letter telling her why she doesn’t need to be with that wanna be smooth playa mac daddy cornball like Stevie J. I can’t get past the fact that this whole cast (I say cast because who are we kidding this is scripted) is swimming in the depths of distaste and trashiness. They put the spot light on anything that cheats, lies and wears tight shorts and honestly I will not be tuning in. This will be the first and last post regarding this T.V show.

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T.V: Why I’m Waiting On Revenge (And You Should Too)

 This show is absolutely my favorite. At first I was like eh, but now it’s like WOW. It’s like a modern day soap opera with no corny lines or terrible background music setting the scene. The first season is over and the second season (I’ll bet you 10 bucks) will be better than the first.

Emily Thorne, real name Amanda Clark (played by Emily VanCamp) is a young woman who dismisses all other aspects of her life that has nothing to do with slapping the betrayal out of a slew of people who has turned their backs on her father. I won’t give too much away for those who haven’t seen the first season, but let me just say that there is gay affairs, explosions, exposures, guns being pulled and so much disaster in the Hampton’s that I wish I had enough money to start some drama like this in my hood just for my personal entertainment.

Second season is date to air around September this year replacing the spot that was specially reserved for Desperate Housewives on Sundays at 9:00pm. Before season two starts I highly encourage you folk to catch up. I’m sure some one will be dying in the first episode. Who doesn’t like a good dramatic death scene to start off the new season? I know I do.