Vintage: Ava Gardner

If you know me, then you know I am obsessed with this woman. Not only was she married to one of my favorite celebrities of all time (Frank Sinatra) her occupancy in the spotlight was pure luck. An employee from MGM saw her picture..and the rest is history. She was in school to be a secretary for Christ sakes! Yet and still, she’s amazing. Let her tell it (in her autobiography) she only kept acting because she didn’t know how to do anything else, but she was damn good at it. If you haven’t seen her movie “The Barefoot Contessa” you are missing out. She was married three times and was forever stalked by the eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes, who tried to relentlessly buy her love even though she wouldn’t allow it. Lucky Her. Anyways, lets take a look at her beautiful face and style.

Her first husband, the ultra famous Mickey Rooney. According to her book he was a cheating, golfing, party goer. Despite all that, she came to understand that that’s just who he was. You guys who aren’t interested in classics proably know him better as “Gus” from Night At The Museum. Yes he’s still alive.

As a teen.

Her and Frank Sinatra

On their honeymoon

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Why is Ricky Martin Reppin Mac?

Seriously they couldn’t find anybody else to create the flavor “shake your Bon Bon” for lip gloss? Is he gay? Or does he wear lip gloss? Is it man gloss? There’s so many unanswered questions here I’m going to be losing sleep over. I’m not a mac supporter but if this is him stoping the assigned gender roles for cosmetics then I’m all for it. But let’s be clear. I don’t want a manly man telling me which lip gloss to wear. It prolly tastes like gym socks, big booty ho’s and lil wayne. In Ricky Martin’s case it might taste like rhinestones, o.p.i clear nail polish and leather pants.