Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Getting back into blogging is so annoying.

I have been tied up (not like that, you dirty animals), with work and school and living an A-List lifestyle, that I have completely had zero urge to blog. Looking at my blog you may notice I jump in and out of being serious and posting something once a month. Through it all, this old dusty thing has been up for a couple of years; and still getting a shocking FOUR VIEWS a day. I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. I would like to be a more serious blogger and write about the hard hitting issues, but I just don’t care about a lot of them long enough. Looking through my blog I have some embarrassing posts, I would like to delete them but it shows growth. From a peasant to a princess to a mutha f*ckin queen. I’m still a peasant, I just wanted to mildly quote Kendrick Lamar.

All jokes aside, I will be blogging about more mature topics, such as:

The coolest sippy cups

The latest monster high dolls

Will Heelys make a comeback?

And things of that nature. I still check my stats and see that you idiots are still reading this terrible crap so thank you, thank you all.