I Deleted Instagram Because It’s a Magazine, I Don’t Like Magazines.


Wow you guys are still reading my blog I see. I’ve honestly been too busy being a bad b!tch to have time to write anything, (just kidding to any of my family reading this, I don’t use swear words). In all reality, life has been one hot heaping mess of despair with a shot of happiness that has been trickling down my body like a new revelation, so in a nutshell, I have been just living life.

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Fashion: Floral Frenzy

Fashion: Get Ready For Spring!


Rose print dress

All over print shirt
$27 –

Patterned skirt

A Wear floral print skirt
$19 –

Floral denim shorts
$29 –

Floral sunglasses

Tropical Pink Silk Orchid Falling Bouquet
$89 –

Rhodes Acid Washed Frame