Kanye and Religion: Why Kanye Can Be Good, but Not THAT Good.

Earlier today, Kim Kardashian-West announced the name of her baby boy: Saint West. Not too surprising, however, considering how the family has a penchant for shock, awe, and religious labels. This is just another foul against the religious the community…or is it?

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….Oh yeah about that new Kanye Album (a little late)

ImageI will always be a fan of Kanye, I think he has every right to be as cocky as he is. He is a talented rapper and a very creative producer, I just think the album title is ridiculous. Not because it’s so close to “Jesus”, but because nobody gives themselves a fan themed nickname. I think it’s hilarious when Beyonce Stans (myself included) refer to her as “Beysus”, but the fact that Kanye coined himself “Yeezus”, thats priceless. Or should I say Priyeezus.Nope, doesn’t work with everything.

I think the album is pretty good, still not better than his first or his second, but I think Black Skinhead is an amazing song, Blood On The Leaves is brilliant (I could do without all the auto tune though) , and New Slaves nails consumerism. I don’t work for rolling stone, so that’s all you’re getting from me about this album. Good day to you sir.